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Our industry-linked, curriculum mapped projects help you deliver exciting education – building 21st century skills and providing careers insights to your students. 

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Connecting Education with Industry through Projects

Most work today is done collaboratively through projects. People are expected to process new information quickly, adapt to change, and solve problems.

Project-based learning is the most effective way to teach these skills and enhance the curriculum in a school environment.

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Benefits of Project-Based Learning

Anatomy of a Project

We use projects to deliver and enrich the STEM curriculum.

Project content includes:

  • Theoretical Knowledge
  • Practical Instructions

Through our projects, learners start with a project brief, then acquire and apply relevant knowledge during each step of an iterative process.

Project Steps

     Projects are created with ❤️ by our passionate team and community

Enabling Pandemic-Proof Learning Experiences

Self-Paced Study

  • Fully online, great for remote and asynchronous learning.
  • Enables students to engage with content at their own pace and frees up teachers’ to support wherever needed
  • Perfect solution for STEM clubs and summer school

Instructor-Led Sessions

  • Fully remote or in-person learning, enabling teachers and facilitators to engage students directly and guide the learning experience.
  • Deliver lessons and workshops in person or remotely through videoconferencing, track student progress, and manage assessments effortlessly.

Team-Based Learning

  • Fully remote or in person, making and learning things in collaboration with others.
  • Create learning pathways for different team roles, share files, and create discussions through forums

We are constantly developing the platform, imropving usability, and adding new features.

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