3D Printing in Education

Use 3D printing to enhance the learning experience of students and equip them with skills and knowledge required in modern industry. We create bespoke solutions for educators to adopt 3D printing and extract learning value

maker studio

Maker Studio

Optimize production of prototypes, tooling components, marketing samples and artifacts, decorative items, and even finished parts, by making use of our 3D printers and design expertise

Our Story

Dicey Tech is a Manchester-based startup that was founded in the belief that 3D printing can shape learning by improving both experience and outcome, resulting in relevant, industry-applicable skills. 

In terms of applications for 3D printing, the overall industrial impact is still in its infancy. However, skilled architects, designers, engineers, material scientists, manufacturers, and entrepreneurs are innovating every day, with strides in medical, automotive, aerospace, construction, and furniture sectors. We want to add education to this list. 3D printing provides a learning medium in which future industry professionals can benefit from risk-free creativity and experimentation, across multiple subjects, as well as in collaboration with other technologies. This fosters engagement and curiosity as drivers for multidisciplinary learning, which have the potential to improve the delivery and effectiveness of education.

We are a diverse team, with experience across engineering, design, and consulting. To realize these opportunities, we work with educational institutions and other stakeholders in the United Kingdom to maximise learning value and equip the next generation of students with the skills and knowledge needed to thrive in changing labour markets. 

As learners, we also love to work on new and interesting projects in collaboration with other companies and individuals. We use this knowledge consistently to explore new possibilities and applications in education and to create better solutions for students, schools, and companies. Through our Maker Studio, we use our design and 3D printing capabilities to create bespoke solutions for our industry partners, while exploring ways to translate this learning into applicable solutions for education.