risk free

Top Quality

We curate our community for competency and commitment

cost effective

Cost Effective

Fair wages for students are also fair on your bottom line


Quick Turnaround

Find the right people in days, not weeks or months

future talent pipeline

Talent Pipeline

Part-time students are the best full-time candidates

How It Works

Step 1

Register and start posting jobs for free

Step 2

Students apply with project portfolios

We pre-screen students & give you a list of top candidates for each role

Step 4

Upon successfully recruiting candidates, we charge a flat fee £1000 / student

Find Future Leaders based on Specific Skills

We have built a curated community of +600 top data science minds across the UK and Africa, and we are rapidly growing

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Can I recruit for other types of roles (e.g. graduates, internships, placements)?

Yes, you can make this request to support@diceytech.co.uk and we will create a bespoke plan for you.

What is the minimum commitment?

We’ve seen the best results when both employers and students commit. 

We recommend (and students expect) a minimum of 3 months commitment.

How many hours per week can students work?

Weekly hours are established between you and students but flexibility is encouraged.

You can expect students to be available for anywhere between 5 – 25 hours per week, depending on the time in the academic year.

What happens if my student drops out?

We curate our community to ensure students are competent and committed.  

In the unlikely event of a student dropping out, we will prioritise finding you a replacement or offer you a refund.

How much should I pay students?

We recommend a minimum wage of £15/h

Who owns the IP that is created?

Any IP that is created by students is owned by you, the employer. This should also be stipulated in the employment contract you sign with students. 

You can use your own contract or we can provide you with a template.

What is the cost?

We only charge employers a flat fee of £1000 / student on a success basis.

Why project portfolios?

Projects are the best reflection of students’ real world skills. Data science and technology careers are quickly changing, making traditional assessment methods no longer fit for purpose.

Projects reflect real working scenarios and simulate job conditions. Using data from projects, we create rich and evidence-backed skills profiles for each individual and evaluate against job-specific requirements to predict performance.

Do all students have project portfolios?

Most students in our community have undergone projects, either through their studies or from personal initiatives. Students can also access our bank of project challenges to build up their portfolios and skillsets in relation to specific roles.

Can I create a bespoke project challenge to assess students for my specific job?

Yes, you can make this request by emailing support@diceytech.co.uk and we will provide support with creating a bespoke project for your needs.

How does this fit with my existing system / process?

We provide you with a list of pre-vetted candidates that fit all the technical requirements for your role. You can choose to guide them through your normal process or you can fast track students directly to culture-fit interviews and final stages.

We can also provide API support to integrate data with your existing ATS.