Makerverse process description - upload models and have them manufactured and shipped back in days

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On-demand manufacturing at the push of a button

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How It Works



Upload your 3D model and choose material, colour, and delivery date



We automatically source the best manufacturer in our global network



We handle all the logistics to ensure that your models arrive on time



Competitive Prices

We help you bring ideas to life without breaking the bank and investing in machinery


Top Quality

We work with experienced and established producers utilising the latest in additive manufacturing



No need to purchase and maintain your own equipment. Access our network with a few clicks


Fast Delivery

Quick turnaround – from quote to delivery within a few days, not weeks or months


Material Range

Unlock a range of applications using various plastics, nylon, metal, resin, and even flexible materials


File Analysis

Your files are automatically checked and repaired by our system, ensuing a smooth process