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Education has always been the key to unlocking social prosperity. But education is no longer fit for the needs of the real world. We exist to connect the forefront of innovation with the back row of education. We make education exciting and relevant, preparing learners to thrive in the future of work.

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The projects on 3DUCATE have provided us with opportunities to investigate, modify and evaluate 21st century concepts within the curriculum. Linking new technologies with effective learning principles and pedagogy, Dicey Tech have enabled our students to learn and develop independently. The rich knowledge-based activities coupled with engaging tutorials have helped students develop self-learning, problem-solving skills, and creativity, whilst experiencing real industries in the classroom.

Engineering Teacher

Dicey Tech are pioneers in bringing 3D design and printing into the classroom. Having worked with them on joint workshops for over the past two years, I have seen their clear understanding of the role of 3D design skills in education, and their passion and commitment in promoting this area. The hardworking team make strong partners, a pleasure to work with, open to feedback and striving for constant improvement!

Managing Director @ Hive Learning Manchester

It was a great experience to support Dicey Tech in this valuable initiative which gave children a window into one of the industries of the future. Alex and his team delivered a hugely inspiring learning experience working with a wide range of industry partners, and we were so pleased to host the session within our Mi-IDEA demonstration space at the Bright Building.

Head of Innovation @ Manchester Science Park

Our students gained a lot from Intro 2 [Industry]. It was inspiring to be part of the bootcamp and we really hope to be involved with you for future events. I know after speaking with our students that they really enjoyed themselves and were in awe of what you were doing for minds of the future. So, again, thank you.

Careers Lead @ Xaverian College

Our students really enjoyed the projects and gained valuable insights into potential careers! Looking forward to your next bootcamps which I’m sure Manchester Academy will attend!

Computing Teacher @ Manchester Academy 

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