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The missing first layer in early careers

That helps you build a sustainable talent pool of qualified candidates

Integrating your recruitment funnel with our talent marketplace
Engage students year round

Engage students year-round across their educational lifecycle.

Create awareness

Create awareness of specific jobs among diverse groups.

Discover the top performers

Discover candidates with the right conviction & skills to advance in your process.


The right talent for the right job

Increase your offer acceptance rate and reduce attrition by filtering for motivation and potential.

Improve diversity 

Demystify jobs and break down perceived limitations by giving applicants chances to put themselves to the test.

Saving time and cost

Save time & cost

Curtail the number of unfit applications & spend time with quality candidates to prevent bad hires.

Create a positive experience

Provide students with tangible and relevant learning experiences year-round. No more hard “no’s”.

Finding the right early talent is increasingly difficult

student applying to graduate job

The industry-education gap is growing

Lacking insights & conviction, students cast a wide net of job applications, hoping that something sticks.

Hiring the right person can feel like rolling the dice

high volume of undifferentiated applications

High volume of unfit applications

lack of predictive performance data

No predictive performance data

Increasing attrition

Increasing attrition

But what if you could

Reduce volume, raise conviction

Assess job-specific skills data

Assess potential using job-specific skills data

Bulls eye - no more bad hires

Decrease likelihood of bad hires

We’re here to reduce your workload & improve outcomes

By removing the noise & helping the right careers and the right people find each faster


Status quo: complex early careers recruitment


Solution - simplifying graduate recruitment

What are PBJs?

No, not Peanut Butter & Jelly Sandwiches 🥪 (although, yum)

Project-Based Job Simulations (PBJs) are innovative learning experiences that create context & insight for employers & students.

Student Learning Experience

Students learn skills, gain industry knowledge, and experience jobs by working on hands-on challenges.

Employers post PBJs to access unique skills data & assess people doing the job before getting the job.

analytics and skills data for employers

How it works

Step 1 - create a project

Create Project

Fill in guided form to post a project simulation linked to a specific role.

Step 2 - Promote the project

Promote Projects

Share projects with our student community & your existing networks

Step 3 - assess students and skills

Assess & Recruit

Advance top performers within your existing recruitment process