We are building an ecosystem to connect education with industry, where learning happens by making physical and virtual things that solve real world challenges. Our focus is on offering people access to the knowledge and infrastructure needed to explore curiosities, create and materialise ideas, and design and share learning experiences.

Our mission is to reshape education and bridge the gap with industry to inspire and empower innovation. We exist to help people learn through curiosity, build diverse and relevant skills, and unlock careers for the 4th Industrial Revolution.

Our vision is a world where everyone knows how to design and code as much as they know to read and write, enabling individuals to create technology to explore interests, to tackle big fundamental human challenges, and to inspire others.

We started with a simple idea – using the creative power of 3D printers as a learning tool in schools. By enabling students to physically create projects and materialise their ideas, learning would become engaging and relevant for the real world.

The inspiration behind Dicey Tech came when our co-founders were in their final year at the University of Manchester. Alex, studying business strategy, realised he needed to upgrade his technical skills to cope with an everchanging job market. When various coding platforms left him feeling uninspired, he bought a cheap DIY 3D printer to try and approach technology from the design side.

“Once I realised that I had the power to make things and bring my own ideas to life, I was hooked! In a month, I learned the basics to design and code things like cars and drones, then I wanted to make everything else I dreamt I could play with as a kid. And, in the process, I learned skills that are very much in demand today!” Alex

Ever since, we have been on an exhilarating roller-coaster ride of successes and failures – building 3D printers, other hardware, software, designing learning experiences, organising events, creating school curriculum, and developing marketplaces. The work we do is varied but with one aim: empowering individuals to learn, innovate, and solve real-world problems.

Learn more about our methodology and approach to education 👉

Learn more about our methodology and approach to education  👇