Teacher Training


Quick and Easy

Understand 3D printing in 2 hours

In this hands-on approach, you get straight into using a 3D printer and learn:

  • Understand how 3D printing technologies, including materials, work
  • What are the best-suited applications, including specific work schemes and lesson plans, with insights from our student workshops
  • How to optimise print settings for specific outcomes regarding speed, quality, and structure​

Price: £189
(Note: You will not be automatically charged when you sign up)


Full Day

Everything you need to use and inspire your students with 3D printing

​​In the full day workshop, you will learn everything from the basics and down to the nitty-gritty of operating and implementing 3D printers in class, including:
  • History and evolution of additive manufacturing
  • Challenges and opportunities for various industries
  • Hands-on design
  • Materials
  • Applications and best practices in education
  • Personalized and cross-curriculum learning
  • Print optimization for specific outcomes
  • Troubleshooting for quality and calibration issues
  • General printer maintenance and repair 

Bonus: Resource pack with a summary of key learning points, model downloads, free tools, and more.
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