Discover Your Ability To Make

Whether you’re 6 or 60, learn to make things for your house, for your friends, for your pets, or just for yourself.

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‘Make from Home’ is a free series of fun, simple, and useful projects, where learners of any age can design and create things like customised phone stands, cookie cutters, guitar picks, plant pots, phone cases, whistles, and many, many more. Expect a bit of science, CAD, coding, engineering, art, and 3D printing!

If you are a teacher, Make from Home is a great opportunity to explore project based learning for free before trying out our curriculum projects.

How it Works

Step 1: Choose

or register to 3DUCATE and choose your project

Step 2: Learn

Follow instructions to replicate, then make your own changes

Step 3: Make

Use your 3D printer or send it to the Makerverse for a quick turnaround

Learn to design and make your very own custom cookie cutters


Difficulty Level: Medium

Whistles come in all shapes an sizes. How would you make yours?


Difficulty Level: Medium

Refresh your garden with your own custom watering spouts


Difficulty Level: Easy

Design unique key chains and take them everywhere you go!


Difficulty Level: Easy

Learn to design and make your very own custom cookie cutters


Difficulty Level: Easy

Don’t have a 3D printer?

Most projects involve design using CAD and 3D printing models.

No, I don't

If you don’t have access to a 3D printer and want to bring your designs to life, head over to the Makerverse, upload your STL files and get your physical models back in a few days!

Yes, I do

If you do have access to a 3D printer, you’re set. Everything is free!

What Can You Make?

Our growing pool of projects will help you build skills in a fun and productive way by designing, coding, and making:

Things that look good

Things that solve a problem

Things that you can sell

Things you’ve always wanted

Things that you can gift

Things only you find useful

What do you Want to Make?

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If there is anything you’ve always wanted to make, just pop it in our suggestion box. We review these every week and, if your project idea gets chosen, we will contact you to be the first to try it


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