21st Century Curriculum & CPD

Spend less time preparing lessons and more time helping students grow. Use projects to bring curriculum knowledge and careers to life, preparing students for the 4th Industrial Revolution.

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21st Century Curriculum & CPD

Prepare your students for the future of work through projects that bring curriculum knowledge and careers to life

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The 3DUCATE learning platform features a growing list of projects that deliver the Key Stage 3-5 national curriculum in the context of the real world.

Projects are co-designed with industry professionals and teachers to ensure industry relevance, educational excellence, and easy implementation.

What’s included? Glad you asked.

  • Schemes of Work
  • Lesson Plans
  • Assessments & Answers
  • Slides
  • Worksheets
  • Design Videos
  • Code Libraries
  • 3D Models
  • Glossaries

“Dicey Tech have provided us with a creative, engaging and enjoyable scheme of learning. The curriculum in Y7 & Y8 offers exciting and stimulating challenges which inspire the young men at TIBHS to want to go on to study engineering as an option subject in KS4. We wanted a powerful, real world ‘WOW’ engineering curriculum, and that’s exactly what Dicey Tech delivered.”

Majid Ditta, Principal
TIBHS, STAR Academies


Save Time

All projects feature ready-made lesson plans, schemes of work, glossaries, worksheets, and more

Raise Achievement

Help students understand concepts, acquire knowledge, and develop skills more effectively

Meet Gatsby Benchmarks

All projects link to relevant careers and industries, helping you deliver on benchmarks #2 and #4

Engage Students

Physical artefacts and clear project outcomes keep students engaged and excited throughout

Teach Future Skills

Projects combine tech with human skills and subject knowledge, helping students thrive in the future of work

Have Fun

Explore curiosities and learn with students. Act as a coach rather than the gatekeeper of knowledge


Through 3DUCATE, teachers can deliver their subjects remotely or in person, managing assessments, cohorts, and student output from the same place.

Blended Learning

Remote Delivery

In Person Delivery

Learn more about 3DUCATE features and learning experiences 👉

Learn more about 3DUCATE features and learning experiences

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Do I need a 3D printer?

The short answer is Preferably. Most projects involve design. Materialising students’ creations adds a kinesthetic dimension to learning, resulting in increased student engagement.

I don't have 3D printers

You can use the Makerverse. Upload your STL files, select material and quantity, and get your physical models back in a few days at a competitive price!

I have 3D printers

If you do have access to 3D printers, you’re set! Using 3DUCATE will ensure that you extract the most value from your 3D printing investment so that your 3D printers don’t end up gathering dust 😢

Curriculum Subjects







Design & Technology




Coming soon: T-Levels


Projects involve designing and creating future cities, theme parks, sustainable buildings, interactive playgrounds, autonomous vehicles, drones, trains, rockets, satellites, smart homes, environmental monitors, and many more!

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Just a few examples…

As a teacher and a passionate engineer, I see how Dicey Tech are inspiring the future engineers of world

Teacher CPD

3DUCATE features bite-sized CPD modules to help teachers build new skills and master project-based learning in no time. Currently, CPD modules focus around 3 main areas, with more to come as we add projects:

3D Design

Computer Aided Design

Learn to use tools like TinkerCAD and Fusion 360 effectively to realise your and your students’ ideas

 Physical Computing

Physical Computing

Learn to use MicroBits, Raspberry Pis, Arduinos and other electronics to add functionality to projects

3D Printing

Learn to troubleshoot, maintain, and make the most out of 3D printers and their material range

Modules are self-paced and fully remote. Upon request, we can facilitate instructor-led sessions either in person at your location or through video conference.

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