The Home of Project Based Learning

Build skills for tomorrow by making the things you are curious about today.

3DUCATE is a project-based learning platform for the world to make, learn, share, and teach.

Bringing Industries to Life

Whether it’s in the classroom or the boardroom, most work today is done virtually and collaboratively in projects. Today’s employees are expected to quickly learn new materials and constantly adapt to change. Project-based learning accurately mirrors this environment.

Through projects, students learn principles of math, science, English, business, and other subjects through relevant and authentic applications that reflect the real-world. In addition to curriculum knowledge, projects empower students to build both tech and human skills to thrive in the 21st century.


Benefits of 3DUCATE Projects

     Projects are created with ❤️ by our passionate community of students, makers, managers, and leaders.     

Make from Home

Growing catalogue of free, simple, fun, interesting, useful, and wacky projects anyone can learn to make from home.


Curriculum & CPD

Fully-fledged resources for secondary schools spanning KS3-5 Art, Science, Computing, D&T, Engineering, and more.

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3DUCATE enables a variety of learning experiences

Self-Paced Study

  • Fully online and remote. Great for anyone who wants to learn on their own terms.
  • Learn and engage with projects at your own pace – pause, jump back, and switch between projects as you see fit.

Instructor-Led Sessions

  • Fully remote or in-person learning, enabling teachers and facilitators to engage students directly and guide the learning experience.
  • Deliver lessons and workshops in person or remotely through videoconferencing, track student progress, and manage assessments.

Team-Based Learning

  • Fully remote or in person, making and learning things in collaboration with others.
  • Create learning pathways for different team roles, share files, and create discussions through forums

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