Student Workshop

We partner with education and learning providers to offer interactive workshops with various themes, where students age 13-18 learn about:

optimization - troubleshooting

3D Printing, Optimization, and Troubleshooting


Design for 3D Printing


Applications and best practice




Other skills and knowledge, subject to each workshop theme

Recent Workshops

Hive Code Camp 2017


From 7-11th August, 50 students between the ages of 13-18 took part in a week-long series of workshops and activities, including game design, artificial intelligence with Alexa skills, ‘Robot Sumo’, internet of things, virtual reality and, of course, 3D printing, organized by Hive Learning Manchester.

We had our own 3D printing space, where each day a new group of eager students learned how to design and 3D print personalized models. For this series of workshops, students had the creative freedom to design anything they wanted, including phone cases, personalized gifts, and Dr. Who characters.

We also explored ways to combine activities and enrich the students’ learning with other skills. 

Robot Sumo events were perfectly suited. To gain an edge, some of the students used 3D printing to build customized chassis and frames for their robots. In the process, they learned about programming Raspberry Pi’s in Python, using motors, as well as designing and printing.

Another exciting link we found was that between virtual reality and 3D printing, where some students used VR as a design tool, to create 3D printable objects while fully immersed in the design experience.